Build: 20/7 2003, 74 pieces


25 Stealthy (winter 2002) 32 Spiderweb (spring 2003)29 Palmtree (17/4 2003) 34 (31/5 2003)

The last of my rectangular crafts.

After going completely crazy with fanned out heraldic-inspired wingconfigurations, I went back to basics with this one (largely inspired by the 29 Palmtree).

And that was basically it: I kinda felt that I'd covered the ground with this one, and they weren't any fun to recreate in MLCad anyways, so after this, I continued experimenting with the deca-joint-technique before moving to other stuff.

Being one of my best crafts in this period, I later used it as background-craft in the first of my cityscape-scenes.

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