25 Stealthy

Finished: winter 2002, Pieces: 108, Steps: 12
L/W/H: 37/31/13 studs, 28,84/24,59/10,15 cm

25-1030.gif (87448 byte)Because I still had the last 3-4 models assembled, I was once more running low on 4x8 wings.
Inspired by the jagged wingshapes of the modern stealth aircrafts, I decided to try my hand on a more abundant source of parts: Plates.

As usual, I wanted my wings at odd angles, and used the wings for landing gear again.

25-angling1.GIF (88898 byte)Technique 1, basic friction pin angling with a one brick wide block in the middle to stop the wings from going Bambi - just like the 23 Myg 2


25-angling2.GIF (113647 byte)Technique 2: yes, you guessed it: the usual jumper technique
25-1100.gif (70217 byte)Repetitive design detail: The 4 stud wide plate, and the wings and tail are both set at a 30 degree angle.
25-0900.gif (38740 byte) 25-0730.gif (43617 byte) 25-0730low.GIF (81383 byte)

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