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23 Myg 2

Finished: autumn 2002, pieces 184, steps 18
L/W/H: 25/26/10 studs, 19,55/20,55/7,77 cm

23-1030.jpg (375399 byte)Inspiration:

06 (1996), sketch only

Technique: Just a little experimentation with basic stud rotation as angeling technique: By making a 3-layer parallelogram the rotated parts are kept in place by the friction of 2x4 studs which turned out to be pretty strong.

The same technique was used for the horizontal angeling of the wings, but since the friction of two studs wasn't enough to keep the wings in place I made a hump on the back to keep it from collapsing when landed.

23-0500high.jpg (352698 byte)One of the better angles

Inspiration: Picking up my old Myg (mosqito in Danish)-idea of a craft dedicated to stealing fuel from bigger crafts, I tried to make this one more insect-y by parting it up in sections held together with thin tail-parts.

23-1030landed.jpg (352688 byte)Low ground clearance.

With this model, I also recycled the idea of using the wings for landing gear from models 17 Discnose and 18 Diamond 3 in an angled wingtip configuration similar to model 16:

  17 Discnose 18 Diamond 3 16

23-belly.jpg (424476 byte)Fuel and thruster-system colourcoded black like in models 20 Chickwing and 21 Cargolifter:

20 Chickwing (summer 2002) 21 Cargolifter (summer 2002)

23-0500low.jpg (279888 byte)Another rear shot

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