17 Discnose

Build; 1997/1998, Pieces: 50, Steps: 9+3
LWH: 22/19/6 studs, 17,46/14,61/4,46 cm

More wing-bracket combination.

Inspiration: In this model I returned to slotting brackets and engines in between the wings like in the 11 Surfaceskimmer and 15 Dropnose. While in the Surfaceskimmer the brackets and engines had been nearly centered at the edge of the wing, the bracket of the Dropnose were one plate lower, and fiddling with this model and the types of tails used for gear, I found out that at that heigth, the tails could just slid under the wings leaving no gap.

Standing on the tail rudder/legs

Gear: When I added vertical wings to the tails for rudder (like in 2nd world war bombers), I suddenly found out that the plane could actually stand on them, so no other gear were needed.

The rest of the plane was more or less standard Classic Space construction.

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