06 Myg

Build: Spring/summer 1996, Pieces: N/A, Steps: N/A
L/W/H: 27/24/12 studs, 21,11/19,05/9,21 cm

More advanced pieces: When I started building again in 1996, I tried to use some more advanced types of bricks than earlier to avoid the classic space look (still outdated). The primary reason why I hadn't used them in the earlier (recorded) models was that I usually didn't have them in gray, and thus wasn't able to record them with a Xerox, and since I only had black versions of the big wings, I tried to keep the model in black. 

Spherical cockpit: Inspired by the earlier Blacktron 2nd generation I tried to copy the spherical cockpit from the catalog, but since I didn't have any of this series, I had to improvise, using the two blue octagonal windows from classic space, and a neon spacepanel from a M-tron set. But since I didn't have the special bricks used in Blacktron2 either, it took a lot of experimentation to find a way to install the windows vertically (without gap). I think I used the type of bricks seen on the wings for the job.

Becoming an insect: After having made the cockpit the model looked rather insectlike, with the black body and multifaceted cockpit, I followed up by adding a snout, making it into a myg (a northern European type of mosquito without the horns). The little bend on the sketch was actually an accidental damage on the antenna but fitted in greatly. In line with the general criminal behavior of the blacktrons, the craft was designed to suck up fuel from tanks and larger vessels and escape with it.

A little improvement was the adding of hinges to the nose making it possible to adjust the snout, but that version didn't look quite as good.


This model was one of the best at that time. Unfortunaly black bricks are impossible to photocopy, and with no camera in the family it had to die (although I kept it assembled for a long time). A few months later, my father bought a camera (groan). I have always been very annoyed that I didn't get it recorded, but with the Ldraw technology, at least it was possible to make a sketch, but I can't remember how the body looked, so I've just sketched something that comes near. My dad thinks that it had six legs, but I was unable to fit in an extra pair.

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