36 Cargolifter 2

Build: 22/7 2003, Pieces: 163


21 Cargolifter (summer 2002) 33 (29/4 2003)

By lengthening some of the beams from the basic deca-joint-technique, I was able to fit in a containter between the main wings and the engines, which made this craft much more practial than the original one.

Unlike the friction-based grab in the original cargolifter, this one needed rubber bands to keep the arms from sliding open (I can't get Lsynth to work, so they aren't shown here).

I spend quite a while playing around with a long animated battle-scene:

Basically it was supposed to start with the Escort fighters swooping in and destroying all defences at a fuel dump.

After this, the slower cargo carriers should follow, drop off explosives, picking up valuable containers, and leaving (hence the rear-mounted guns). When at a distance, the carriers would fire on the dropped explosives, and the scene would basically end in huge explosions.

That much for theory: I didn't have any programs that could actually do the missiles, explosions and laser-bolts, but I did make a few basic stop-motion animations of "popping" fuel-containers and the carrier swooping down to pick up a container:

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