31 Discnose 2

Finished: 18/4 2003, Parts: 36, Steps: 9
LWH: 20/23/5 studs, 16/18/4 cm


17 Discnose (1997/1998) 22 Chickwing 2 (autumn 2002)

A very simple model, build the same day as I finished the 30 Myg3.

Playing around with those 6x6 octagonal frame-plates, I discovered that despite using the hypo-tech, there were plenty of room to fit in a pilot. Adding a discnose inspired by an older model, this one was finished quickly.

Since the layered construction looks very similar to my Chickwing 2, I imagine that I was inspired by that one as well.

Besides that, there's not much else to say than: if you're going to angle anything, you might as well rotate a section 90 degrees so you'll get two odd angles for the price of one.

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