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27 Spearhead

Finished 12/4 2003, Pieces: 61, Steps: 18
L/W/H: 23/21/8 studs, 18,19/16,36/5,71 cm


24 (23/12 2002)

Basically an improvement of the body/wingconfiguration of model 24.

27back-removed.jpg (65960 byte)Back-panel removed

Wings: Instead of a free floating wing-configuration like in model 24, the configuration was based on a basic 90 degree angle rotated 45 degrees.

To this I attached an extra layer of wings with the jumper technique reaching 45+36,86=81,86 degrees.

Since the angle of the 4x8 wings are 23,20 degrees, the back and forward edges sit at 90 degree -8,14/+15,06, or nearly straight across the body.

27-top.jpg (44515 byte)Top view of craft, while most of it is a bit weird, the combination of back and wings is pretty cool

Inspired by this, I tried to make a corresponding nose, but since there isn't any technique available that can create the necessary 11,6 degree angle at this size (at least with it centered properly), a slightly off-set single stud rotation ended up being the closest fit.

27back-removed2.jpg (64271 byte)First layer of wings removed, note the retracted round bricks the wings are resting on

Body: Like with model 24 the two layer wings were wedged in the gap between the corner panel and round bricks.
A little improvement was that the round bricks was moved ca one stud inward creating a much more narrow body.

27belly.jpg (76912 byte)Various special techniques, the whole rear part of the craft is attached via two headlight bricks behind the pilot seat

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