Finished: 23/12 2002, Pieces: 60, Steps: 8
L/W/H: 25/22/8 studs, 19,41/17,46/6,24 cm

24gap.GIF (61145 byte)With this model you can click most of the pictures for larger 800x600 images.

Just a little something I made, when I discovered that arranging this particular corner panel at a 45º angle with a row of round 1x1 bricks created a vertical gap of roughly 4x4 studs 2 plates high.

24guts.GIF (78713 byte)Inside it was really basic

The frontal wings were fastened with a sandwich of the two 1x6 plates in front, while the angling was achieved very simply by using a floating 1x8 plate, kept in place by the panel made carapace.

24-1030.gif (73684 byte) 24-0730.gif (85935 byte)

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