15 Dropnose

Build: 5/10 1007, Pieces: 48, Steps: 9+3
LWH: 21/22/7, 16,67/17,46/5,24 cm

Note how well the 4x4 wings (below) fits the gap.

Advanced technique: During one of my many experiments with lego, I suddenly stumbled upon an entirely new way of connecting basic lego pieces - the jumper technique. The technique was named after the piece in chess, since it leaves its place on one plane and moves in a oblique direction (on another plane) before dropping back down to the plane un an unusual place, compared to the intended 90° straight lines in the lego system.

Now, turning a piece in lego isn't that hard: you only need one stud, but what makes this technique revolutionary is that it's possible to fix the two planes together in the odd angle because of the simple fact that if you look at a, say 2x3, plate the diagonal distance between the four cornerstuds is the same, and you can connect them just as easily as two 1x2 (with the help of two 1x1 plates).

At this moment and place I won't go more into the theory and range of possibilities than saying that the technique can of course be applied to an infinite range of dimensions (with an infinite number of resulting angles), since My understanding of the technique was still very limited at the time, and since it will appear in the 'Tips and tricks' page when I get the time to work on it.

In this model the technique was used on the standard 4x8 wings, and since the distribution of the studs at the bottom of this piece is 2x3 this was a natural dimension to use for angling them resulting in an angle of 36° (36,3970234266°)

Basically the same type of cockpit except for the 4x4 wings in front.

Inspiration and minimalism: Apparently the cockpit was heavily inspired by the 11 Surfaceskimmer, but this is only due to the fact that this is about the most minimal way you can combine window, diamondshape and bottom.

Since the model's point of balance lies far back, away form the cockpit, a space antenna was added like in the previous model adding a VTOL system to help it get its butt off the ground. 

Big drop

The beginning of the end: Although one of the coolest models of the diamondstyle, due to the body and wingconfiguration, this model also showed the limitations of the diamondstyle, since the cockpit is far too large for the model and too dominating (it does looks better in real life though - POVray is warping the perspective).

Even though I would make a couple more diamondstyle models later, this is the last one of the classic period, since much was about to change.

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