11 Surfaceskimmer

Build 28/7 1997, Pieces 20, Weight 26g
L/W/H: 16/16/7 studs 12,70/12,70/5,56 cm

Building technique: Since the previous models were relatively big, I decided to make some small models for the referenceseries. The first one was this little cute one. Using the possibilities with the lego in full, I managed to make one of the simplest models ever, with just 20 pieces!

Inspired by the Classic Space set "6844 Seismologic vehicle," I used a space antenna as "spoiler." Note how well the engine was slotted into the space between the wings.

Landing gear: As landinggear I chose to use tailfins, giving the appearance of being little feet. Their forwardstreaching direction and the general lightness of the plane meant that the gear could be fixed relatively far back (the tips actually just reach to the center of the plane).

Cockpit: The fact that I used this type of spacepanel meant that I avoided the usual buildup around the cockpit to get the demanded height, since it's so high in itself.

Use: Originally I classified the plane as "groundhugger" since it lacked the fueltanks and lifesupport systems required for spacetravel (or any long flights over land), and surfaceskimmer just sounded good.

Croac, croac: parles vous francais?;-)

Nickname: Generally broader than long, with a rounded nose, and with a bulging windscreen, I quickly nicknamed the plane "The Frog," since it has some resemblance with a frog. (or rather a toad)

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