Introduction to the spacegallery

Number of pieces in the 44 recorded models. (29/2 2004)

To introduce the gallery, I have to introduce the way I usually build the models.

Building method: At every model I start with fiddling with the pieces trying to find new ways of fitting them together. If I get something that seems promising (most combinations are dead ends), I try to combine it into something that looks good (usually spaceships). Gradually I form a general idea of what I'm going to make, and continue realizing the idea.

From the initial experimentations to the finished model I usually never use more than 4-8 hours, since that is about the time I have on a day off. As a consequence the models rarely exceed 30x30 studs and 120 pieces.

Generally I like to do the things that "you just can't do with lego," within the boundaries mentioned above (time and brickuse).


Why making this page: I hope that my method and results can inspire all those legousers with few bricks or little time to make something original and cool with their limited resources, thus improving their skills.

The reason I started recording my models back in 1995 was that I wanted to work for the Lego Company (still do), and needed some referencematerial, to show off my abilities. Many years later in the winter of 2003 I discovered the Ldraw programs and decided to sort my models, recreate them in Ldraw, and get pictures of them. During the buildthrough I decided that I might just as well make a homepage about the models when I had digitalized them: Why not brag about them? Worldwide!

Although, naturally, my oldest models don't live up to the standard of the newer ones, I decided to upload them all for various reasons: First of all because it would give a good impression of my development over the years. And secondly because it would give inspiration of something less advanced for the beginners. (and show them that there is no reason to give up)

Background history

From the early '90ties I begin to have a few recorded models. Of course there were more models, but not really any I wished to use time on recording then. I was very influenced by the first Gulf War at the time, and I used vast amounts of time on making legoguns with rubber bands.

Weapons: After years of development I reached a pinnacle of a gun (1994): A 75 stud pump gun with under barrel clip capable of shooting about 10-12 m (picture above, more here), not wery long, but I couldn't expand without the use of glue or tape, of which I'm a great opponent. It could however make some good holes on shorter distances, like in my room back at my parents place! This gun was the ultimate model, since it was the best I could make at the time, and I was fed up with making guns, and haven't finished any guns since (I have made some parts though, for instance a vertical clip). Another reason for abandoning the weapons program, was that I realized that Lego hadn't any need for such skills because of their nonviolent image.

After this I had a good long break without lego, in which I started in the Gymnasium in 1995 (a three year secondary school preparing for university), with which I was pretty busy. When I started with lego again, it was with a different area in which I had some skills already: Spaceshipmaking - and this is here the tour of the gallery begins:

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