Early '90ties, photographed summer 1997

Comments when I get the time... In the meantime, here's the text from the first space gallery introduction:

Background history

From the early '90ties I begin to have a few recorded models. Of course there were more models, but not really any I wished to use time on recording then. I was very influenced by the first Gulf War at the time, and I used vast amounts of time on making legoguns with rubber bands.

Weapons: After years of development I reached a pinnacle of a gun (1994): A 75 stud pump gun with under barrel clip capable of shooting about 10-12 m, not wery long, but I couldn't expand without the use of glue or tape, of which I'm a great opponent. It could however make some good holes on shorter distances, like in my room back at my parents place! This gun was the ultimate model, since it was the best I could make at the time, and I was fed up with making guns, and haven't finished any guns since (I have made some parts though, for instance a vertical clip). Another reason for abandoning the weapons program, was that I realized that Lego hadn't any need for such skills because of their nonviolent image.

NA I actually GAVE the first picture away and haven't been able to find the negative :(
Slider drawn back to let the lock catch the rubber band string. Note how the slanted part presses down the notches on the elevator down to the level of the underbarrel clip.
Slider pulled forward streaching the rubber band string: The elevator has returned to the level of the barrel with a projectile and is thereby armed.
Top part of barrel lifted and removed lock placed in front.
View down the "elevator" used to lift the projectiles up to the barrel from the underbarrel clip.
A projectile is sliding into the elevator.
Detail of slider, note how the string is attached to the lock at the bottom: This means that when you're arming the gun (streaching the string), the locks click in place, and when the weapon have been fired, it's loosened again so that the slider can be pulled back once more (It could also be released manually).
The slider had wheels on each side of the grey bar so it could slide back and forward along it.

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