82 Microscale Figther

Finished: 3/6 2008

Inspiration (wingconfiguration):

Comparing mocs based on concept art with afol-created designs, the concept art almost always come out on top.

Ever since my virtual Cityscape-mocs, I've used MLCad to try out various soloutions for mocs I've been working on (most notabely my Longship and Z-Fighter 3), but during the early part of december 2007 I made a small series of designs with basic shapes in MLCad: First a medium sized escort craft at the 4th, a fighter on the 5th, and finally on the 7th, the design on the right (posted on flickr the same day).

Due to lack of time and white parts, this design had to wait for more than half a year until june 3rd, when I accidentally realized that a 2x4 and an inverted 2x3 slope matched the angles in my design almost perfectly.
Instead of figthing a long battle creating a minifig version of the craft, I made a microscale version in only about four hours, and even had time to finish two other microscale crafts (# 83 and 84) the same day.

Designing spaceships in MLCad wins, and so does microscale.

Anyways, more pictures:

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