Build: Autumn 1996, Pieces 73, Steps: 13
L/W/H: 16/13/12 studs, 12,22/10,33/8,79 cm

Original picture

Reconstruction: Originally this model wasn't recorded, but I was able to reconstruct it in Ldraw from memory and the picture on the right.

The two red things in the middle are front lights - it couldn't just have a flat front 

Fighter: It's an ultralight fighter with quad lasers, designed to take off and land on it's tail, inspired by some old fighter prototypes. (Cold War Era).

Technique: I sat fiddling with some castle lego when this model grew out of the 3HY-shape (like in model 05) and the wish to have smooth surfaces instead of studs. This went very well - it has a bit of formula 1 (the seat and tail) and the trident tail works fine.
Brickuse: The downside of stacking bricks horizontally is that it usually comes with a high brickuse, since where you usually would put a 1x8 brick, instead you have to use 6-7 1x1 bricks. In this model it wasn't that bad though.

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