Build 1995, Pieces: 93, Steps 12+1
L/W/H: 23/20/9 studs, 18,10/15,76/6,89 cm

Coolness and brickuse: The extensive sculpting in the earlier models made me realize, that the way I built was hopelessly old-fashioned. After all this was the time of Ice, Exploriens, (and possibly UFO) and if I ever wanted to work at lego (or have my models made into sets) I had to adopt the way the Lego Company made models: Optimizing coolness with the minimum use of bricks.

Less sculpting, more freezing...

Minimizing: By that philosophy it was deemed unnecessary for cockpits to be closed, and although I felt sorry for all those legomen (still do), that had to travel in space freezing in a leaking cockpit unable to take off their helmet for who knows how long, (space is rather, well, spacy and travel time is usually pretty long) I had to move on.

The 3HY (3HingeY-shape) and 3HD (3HingeD-shape) technique.

3HY: Upon discovering the 3HY-technique I suddenly found myself capable of fixing lego horizontally in 30° angles (from the two standard angles). But since this angle lies very close to the one of the 4x8 wing (23,20°) making the front edge point 53° backwards it looked a little too much like a shuttle cock (the "ball" in badminton), and I modified the technique by inserting pieces widening two of the branches of the Y, thus making the edge point 48,43° backwards, which fitted the 45° edges of the cockpitframe a lot better.

Wingconfiguration, note the modification of the 3HY-technique.

Spoiler/X-Wing: After arranging the wings to fit in the cockpit, I found that the wings still seemed to disappear backwards and the cockpit was wery dominating. Initially I tried to add a spoiler on top of the wings, (like in classic space) but since the wings were angled, the tailfins were pointing outwards 30° from the flightpath - not very aerodynamic since it would tear the plane apart at high speeds. 

Semi-X-Wing configuration.

Inspired by the X-Wing I decided instead to try to angle the topwings further, which demanded some experimentation with hinges to obtain. The experiments went well: it was fitting almost perfectly, and I continued the X-Wing theme by adding lasercannons. 

This is what I like about red glass (compared to neon and dusty red)

Decorations: Continuing the red glass theme I decorated with some more antennas in later Classic Space- configurations. 

The engine fitted snugly between the wings.

Engine: To avoid that the angled wings collided with each other, I moved them one stud apart thus luckily making space for the engine to go out between them, rounding the model off well.


After the summer holiday in 1995, I entered the "gymnasium" (three year preparation for University) after 9th grade (10th school year). I guess I was rather busy there, since I have no new models before the summer holiday of 1996.

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