Diamond Style

After having spent a couple of years in the gymnasium, I was growing increasingly discontent and restless. With the turn of 1997 I realized that half of the time had passed and the end was at last in sight. But that intencified the question: What then? What afterwards?

Referencematerial: I realized that I was far from my goal of being employed with lego, since the only models I could show for reference were some bad photos of three (rather primitive) models, plans for four more (but no pictures, so I had to recreate them) and "some I hadn't recorded." I decided to make a dash for it in the summer holiday by making something really worthwhile to demonstrate my ability. This was the beginning of the Diamondstyle, and since I hadn't a lot of time, I needed a new strategy:

The new strategy: First of all I believed that the Lego Company were only interested in original designers, from this followed that copying other peoples design were a dead end, and since my attempts hadn't gone that well, I decided first and foremost that I should make something completely new unlike anything before.

Secondly I had to adjust to the current Lego Strategy: Maximizing coolness while minimizing brickuse, since I felt I needed to demonstrate that I was able to make "set-grade" models.

Thirdly I would concentrate on shape rather than decoration, since I wouldn't know which series the models could be included in (if any) and usually the decorated bricks are made to fit a series, not the user's models or ideas (The only series I had in any quantity is classic space and some castlelego - not very progressive). For the colour I returned to gray to be able to record the models again.

I decided to concentrate on the 4*8 wings because they are perfect for spacemodels, since they are pointy and small: You can fit them in anywhere, something you cant do with larger pieces. One of the most natural ways to combine the triangular wings is in diamondshapes. Because of the time pressure and need to come up with something coherent and original I ended up using this pattern a lot, hence the name of the style.

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