73 SLAM derivate

Last updated: 23/7 2007

This model was inspired by Unit186's Sorsub fighter (which in turn was inspired by Chris Giddens' original SLAM design) posted in this thread. Since he deleted his account there, the picture in the thread is unfortunately broken, but you can see them here instead.

73-0000-top.jpg (341689 byte)When I saw the perfect combination of the grey dino-part and this particularly cockpit, I knew simply had to try it myself:

What surprised me the most about xxx's version was that he didn't use the conical attachment point on the neck-piece for anything: to me it looked like the perfect place to attach some greeble, an antenna or a gun.
I decided to use it for a potent gatling gun, which considering the limited size of the craft meant that there wasn't really any basis for using the side attachments on the dino-part for guns like in both the orginal SLAM and xxx's version, and used them for a couple of engines instead.

73-1200.jpg (286457 byte)ur scrwd!

This in turn made the upper engines in the original SLAM-design unnessecary, and I decided to leave these out and go for a more cute podracer-ish design (which is why I've designated the craft SLAM-derivate instead of just SLAM).

73-0300-engines.jpg (389508 byte)The triangular shape of the body was partly based on the curves and lines of the dino-part and cockpit, and partly by some old experimental crafts.

73-gear1.jpg (370655 byte)It wasn't particularly easy to integrate the cooling-ribs, the angling technique and still have room for the bottom of the cockpit, but I think it turned out really well, and I even managed to cram in a (lousy) landing gear!

I released a sneak-peak on flickr here, which was received pretty well. Much later, I made this announcement on CSF, and it was highlighte by Jaydubya here.

73-gear2.jpg (339077 byte)Landing gear extended

Building log:
19/10 2006: Nose/gun/front/engines conceptualized
20 or 21/10 2006: Colour changed
21/10 2006: Bits added to engine
22/10 2006: Engine and bottom landing gear finished, rear section finished, details, stand created
25/11 2006: Improved rear part of engines to something passable per Linus Bohman's suggestion

73-landed.jpg (332946 byte)Reeealy close

73-0030.jpg (370330 byte) 73-0130-engines.jpg (383118 byte) 73-0200.jpg (365951 byte) 73-1030-engines.jpg (363606 byte) 73-1030-low.jpg (334882 byte)

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