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45 Tic

Finished 18/3 2004, Pieces: 50, Steps: 22
L/W/H: 23/19/8 studs, 17,78/15,05/5,70 cm

45-top.jpg (102605 byte)This model came together from various tablescraps: I'd had the wings lying around for ages, when I decided to use them for something.

Since the shape of the base fitted pretty well with those black panels I mounted both at an angle using headlight bricks and 1x4 offset plates, and wedged a 2x3x6 trans yellow panel in the middle.

It can't be further from airtight, but a minifig can fit in and the shape is pretty cool. The wing-configuration reminded me of a tic, hence the name.

Oh yeah, and it seems like it's supposed to land on the two first pairs of wings.

45-rear.jpg (161971 byte)Engine - the bottom of bricks and plates can make excellent greebles

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