14 Diamond 2b

Build: 5/10 1997, Pieces: 47, Steps: 10
LWH; 22/19/6 studs, 17,31/14,50/4,29 cm

Be careful with the handles, try to turn as little as possible.

Description: With the success with the Diamond2 I decided to make a version with angled wings.

There were only a few changes: primarily the central block became slimmer because of the anglingtechnique, and the cockpitdiamond was moved a little backwards and lengthened with a small space "wing". 

Technique: To angle the wings I used the new technique shown to the left. However since there is only a few studs available, it tends to be wery fragile. This problem was fixed by sandwiching the clips between plates.

The reason I don't use this technique more often is that it's rather hard on the plates with handles: When you turn the clips around them, white stresslines appear along the handles threatening to pull the handles off.

Landing gear: The bottom of the plane was copied from the last model, but as an addition to the fact that the plane was sitting on the belly, a space antenna was added like in the 10 Diamond(1) for balance and as an engine for vertical landing (VTOL).

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