13 Diamond 2

Build: 14/9 1997, Pieces: 43, Steps: 10
LWH: 21/22/6 studs, 16,51/17,46/4,29 cm

The central block technique saves a lot of pieces since it limits the necessary buildup around engine, wings and cockpit to one area.

Description: This fighter is the main model of the diamondstyle. Although not the first, it is the most pure, comprising a cockpitdiamond, wings and a central diamondshaped block functioning as engineblock, fueltank and mounting for the wings and cockpit like in first diamond. Resulting in a very low brickuse.

Original wingconfiguration.

Inspiration: Although inspired by the X-Wing, it has a lot of Z95 Headhunter in it (both from Incom Corporation, the engine is Classic Space though). The original Incom wingconfiguration was a little too ordinary however, so after some consideration I added two extra 4x8 wings in a forward direction like in the first diamondmodel.

I like the angles of the rear a lot.

Proportions: Although the wingtips make the model a little broader than long they aren't wery dominating. Discounting them, the fighter is 18 studs broad and seems luckily longer than broad. (so they doesn't make the model look slower).

Landing gear: As usual, the reduced brickuse meant that the bottom of the cockpit now doubled as landing gear again.

The connections between the wings and body, and body and nose are just excellent. I was wery lucky with this model.

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