07 Blue Base

Build: September/October 1996, Pieces: N/A, Steps: N/A
L/W/H: 44/18/20 studs

Building on rock: This little base was made at a time when the table was filled with lego. When you ruffle around things tend to get pulled around and apart. Probably inspired by the first RTS game of Dune 2 I anchored the base on rock.

Since I couldn't fix the lego on top of the stones I had to build around and under the stones, to avoid that the base just slit off the stone. This fitting the lego around the stones was a little challenging and a little out of the ordinary (=interesting).

This was the real angle the base was to be placed in. The reactor is on the right and the lasercannons are on the two nearest corners

Defenses: It was a small base inspired by the classic space stationbuilding, but in a more personal style with automatic defenses in the form of two lasercannons (black) and a rocket battery. Because the base was placed at the corner of the table, there was no need for a lasercannon in the rear, since no land attack could be expected from that angle, and the rocket battery should take care of any aerial attack.

I didn't like building multicoloured but here I had to due to lack of blue slopes.

It was actually a quite cozy little base with a satellite reactor, and the defenses were never used.

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