Build: 1995, Pieces 90, Steps 13+9
L/W/H: 22/20/7 studs, 17,48/15,86/4,95 cm

The slightly pyramidal shape with a flat forwardsloping nose is inspired by the Snowspeeder seen in Episode 5: "The Empire strikes back"

Inspired partly by the Starwars Snowspeeder and partly by the Imperial Stardestroyer, I tried to expand the limits of the Classic Space way of building by warping it. 

The engine is actually more inspired by the Medium Transport from Episode 5, but the overall shape is derived from the upper side of the ISD.

Angling wings vertically: This was the very first time I tried to angle wings (in a fixed position! just angeling by using hinges don't count), and it was a pleasure to be released from the constrains of only building vertically and horizontally (and occasionally in 90 degree angles). But it was still the classical way of building, and the result was the same: Triangular shape.

Not a very aerodynamic nose, but I realized this too late.

Problems: In the end I was very unsatisfied with the model, since it had taken a lot of sculpturing, just to get the wings right (here the nose was especially difficult to fit in with the cockpit, and needed an excessive amount of restructuring).

Warped, but still triangular. The curved edge of the wings is kind of cool after all.

Critique: After further sculpting, the supercool design with angled wings just looked like the wings was hanging, like after a long day in the sun, or like a soft pillow with corners hanging down! As a consequence I ended up really angry with it, and decided not to build classic, sculpt or big for an extended period, since the first had made the result boring, and the two following had made it take oceans of time before I discovered that the design didn't look cool. (and then it was too late).

After a good day in the sun...

Landing gear: I'm still not wery good friends with this model (it all comes back now), but strangely I haven't been able to find a single angle from which the model looks as stupid as I remember it. Originally it had landinggear, but since it doesn't show on my recorded plans, I haven't put it on the official model, but perhaps it'll make it look more stupid. (just so you can see what I mean - not to get back at it at all ;-)).

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