03 Protodiamond

Build: 20/2 1995, Pieces: 51, Steps: 8
L/W/H: 14/7/22 studs, 11,01/5,35/17,46 cm

Building technique: This ship was an expansion of the simple diamondshape, (where four 4x8-wings or two 8x8 wings with cutout comes together) which went extremely well. Because of it's low profile (the cockpit is only 9 plates high) and long slender shape, it seems very fast. 

Optical illusion

Tailfin: Another feature is that I managed to place the tailfin a way that make it seem like it radiates from the same point as the wings, which warps the perspective resulting in the ship looking longer and faster.  This effect made me abandon the plan of placing a coneshaped engine at the back - it had get a picture of a engine glued on if it was made a set or just to do without: Using a bracket to fix it would only result in the engine hanging down one plate below the bottom. 

The tailfin is placed with the so called SNOT technique: "Studs not on top"

When you have enough plates, why not waste them on sculpting on a place nobody sees?!

Sculpting: Although the smallness gave any desirable opportunity to avoid sculpting, back in those days I apparently couldn't do without it! Sculpting ruled over utility, and even if it was hidden at the bottom, it was there, adding to the completeness and delicacy of the ship. Despite this I did remember flight controls this time. (but still no landinggear).

Cockpit view: just playing with POV-Ray for the fun of it...

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