I'd really like to create a lot more pictures of my models "in their right element", space or otherwise, as this is how I imagine them myself: Spaceships aren't supposed to be photographed on a white sterile background, but zooming through space with blazing engines dodging or dishing out barrages of missiles and laser bolts.

The trouble is that such pictures take forever to make:
First you need to compose the action on the picture, placing all the nessecary crafts and light sources satisfactory - here it's a big help if you have a digital version of your crafts so you can let a computer genereate it, because you otherwise would need a huge black background, a large dark room with only a single or few very powerful lamps to emulate distant stars, and spend a huge amount of parts and time to create background architecture or crafts for the scene.
Unless you have created a scene with a complete background, you'll have to clean up the raw picture so you can add a background starfield or similar.
Thirdly you usually need to spend a lot of time post-processing the picture, painting a background from scratch, adding engine glows, laser beams, explosions and the like.

Below I've assemlbed a list of the scenes and pictures I've created, trying different techniques to solve the above mentioned problems. With the newest first.:

Photoshop Challenge on CSF, July 2007

Various authors interpretation of a rendered scene by me. Much more here.

61 Shark2, 18/5 2005
Rendered scene with a bit of photoshop post-processing (engine glare)

BLA propaganda against the competing Bunny Republican Army:

The Bunny Liberation Army is shocked and appalled by the formation of an EB supported bunny dictatorship led by a notorious torture butcher, and call upon all freedom loving bunnies to join the Bunny Liberation Army to fight this treacherous so-called "Republican Army" and free the opressed!

Caption: Look what he's brainwashed bunnies to do to eachother!!!

Apperance and backstory

50 Hoverbus 
Scene, 30/6-6/7 2004

Busstop in the summer sun

47 Hearse
Scene 9-27/6 2004

48 MG3K
Scene 5-7/6 2004

My first entry to the Civillian Moc Contest at

44 P38
Hangar Scene 6/3-16/4 2004

Rendering made with POV-Ray, it's supposed to show a bunch of Space P38's leaving their nests in a big hangar.

One of the major problems with this kind of scene is complexity: the more parts you add, the longer the computer will need to calculate it. Even though I only made the front of the nest, copy-pasted it all over and used basic planes and boxes for walls and floors, it still took forever to render because of the large number of

Even thought I only made one nest and copy-pasted it afterwards, stitching the scene together and adding boxes for

copy-pasted the Making the floors It took quite a while to create the surroundings

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