36 Escort fighter

Build: 23/7 2003, Pieces: 63


16 (1997/1998) 36 Cargolifter 2 (22/7 2003)

Until the escort fighter, I hadn't build two crafts with styles similar enough to look part of the same fleet.

Usually this is pretty difficult, because it's hard to scale designs up and down without using different parts and ending up with very different designs.

Surprisingly, in this case the scaled down version turned out to be much better than the original larger craft (well, ok, perhaps it didn't need to be particularly good to achieve that ;-) - I especially like the fanned out rear with room for a huge melting afterburner!

Unfortunately, it turned out that nobody had modeled the smaller technic-wheel I used for engine on this craft, so I had to do this myself, which delayed my work with the big animated scene enough to make me realize that the project was completely impssible due to lack of programs, experience, machine-power and time!

But it was quite fun to make a balanced strike-force by adding the fighters with forward-mounted guns and missiles to the cargo carriers - and nobody say that you can't pick up a missile pod instead of a container ;-)

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